Sunday Prayer

Sunday has come around again

And all over the land

Church doors are opening

Musicians are tuning instruments

Altar cloths placed on tables

Candles lit

Vestments put on



And here I am God, Alone!

So many churches do not meet my needs

I cannot climb the stairs

I cannot hear the celebrant

The language is too complex

I cannot read the literature


I have been so hurt by bad Bible teaching I simply cannot face it again.


Yet for all that I miss it. I need to feel part of something, something much bigger than me. Part of the body of Christ.


So we come to this online place, a place where so many of us gather, alone and yet strangely together. In our loneliness, our brokenness, our feelings of being cut off, cast adrift and yet we find much comfort in this place as we build this online community, an expression of your eternal love.


So we offer all this back to you God as our gift to your wider church, that out of our broken lives we say to your Sunday church, come, see where we live, share our pilgrim journey, travel with us, share this road.


You can lean on us as we in turn lean on you.


This Sunday we pray for your whole church, the seen and the invisible, those who are gathered and those who are scattered.

Unite us all in a spirit of community

Bring your broken body back together, not cured but broken yet healed.