Morning Prayer

We praise You,  Lord,  because we are ALL fearfully and wonderfully made.

In our Father’s house there is room for all, there are no rejects.

There are no able-bodied, there are no disabled:

there are only His beloved children

who are all made in His image.

We are beautiful in His eyes.


We believe Jesus himself ascended in to heaven,

carrying his wounds on our behalf.

Jesus does not hide these wounds:

they carry no shame for him but he shows

them to us willingly as proof of his eternal love.


He calls us this morning to do the same,

to stand before him in our brokenness

trusting in him for our care.


I hear footsteps in the garden and I know my Lord is near

and He calls me by name saying

“why are you hiding from me, why are you hiding from me,

why do you hide from Me when I love you so”?


Those who cannot see he walks along side as our guide.

He whispers softly to those who cannot hear.

He soothes those whose minds are troubled.

He rides with those who cannot walk.

He sees the pain of those whose pain cannot be seen

and brings insight to those who appear not to understand.


He is at the heart of every lonely room

and is present in every stranger who sits at our hearth.


His love is new every morning.

His love does not depend on our fragile form.

His love is enough for this coming day.


We accept the calling to bring that love to those we meet today:

Lord when I hear you calling help me to say here I am.


Only You can meet the longing of my heart.

Only You knows every hidden part.


Show me the gifts I have

Show me the gift I am


Let my whole life be lived in love of You

Bringing great joy to Your Heart.

Morning Blessing, 21st

Good morning Lord, thank you for keeping me safe as I slept,

thank you for a good nights rest and that I awake feeling

refreshed and happy to be alive.

Thank you for the wonderful birdsong of an alarm, it had put

an instant smile on my face and a song in my heart.

Be with me Lord as I walk through this day, help me to face the

challenges ahead.

I ask this in our saviours name. Amen

Diane Kindred