3 hours ago
Keep your eyes peeled for group102 who know a little known song about some superheroes .... Anybody else ...? #CariadisComing #cariadishere @HCPTWales @Hcpt105 @HCPTGroup97 @HCPTGroup99 https://t.co/K6SyrrlfWN
4 hours ago
Dave again, this would really make my Easter if we could do this this weekend. https://t.co/qY8iv9RETJ
Disability&Jesus ♿⛪ @DisabilityJ
Please join us for night prayer tonight and encourage others to do the same, help us make it to the office having been said a quarter of a million times since we began before we reach Easter day.
https://t.co/4LMpYvBLQZ https://t.co/PtDauuo7CA
4 hours ago
Dave here. Just want to say this Lent I have really felt that we here that make up the family that is D&J are a real true expression of church, I have felt supported, ministered to & able to minister in return, I have felt love as we have walked this Lent pilgrimage together.

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