1 hour ago
@communik8ion @mindandsouluk This isn't live on the site till later in the week but thought you might like a sneaky peak. https://t.co/gph6mrSWRh
2 hours ago
@DisabilityJ @mindandsouluk If you haven't already do check out their website https://t.co/IN9DoWn3il - it is an utterly brilliant ministry quietly having a significant impact to many. LOVE seeing people doing stuff like this
4 hours ago
Further developments, the priest and his dean have asked to meet me this evening. Jyst to clarify, this is an RC church. We are away from home amd staying with family.
6 hours ago
Dave here re the situation I told you about last night, the priest in question told me it was not my business and i was not qualified. So I have emailed him my CV which includes my BA in philosophy and theology and my MA ivn access audit and awaut his response with interest.
11 hours ago
Virtual Pilgrim - Te Araroa Day - 154

Interesting insight into NZ life
then & now:

I had picked up a lot of this,
but so helpful to read

through the lens of one place:
development battle underway now.

Helpful to reflect
on our colonial track record:
not so glorious 👇🏼 https://t.co/apBd4tUo1b

From our YouTube Channel