18 minutes ago
#synod YET AGAIN! A point of order without using the mic. This is in danger of looking like wilful ignorance now!
43 minutes ago
@ninafcoach I'm not looking for sympathy but for our churches to be speaking in to these situations.
48 minutes ago
@RevMthrSamantha @Mad_Pieman Invite them to adopt a posture that is most comfortable for them
54 minutes ago
#synod @synod even if no one gets called who could share this, let’s get it out there so everyone following on Twitter notices it. https://t.co/PivwQbijcw
60 minutes ago
#synod I'd be delighted if one of the speakers in this debate had the courage to read my Tweet, it is something many in our churches do not really believe is happening. Now I'm a big lad and can take it (just) but that would have terrified many https://t.co/O2fmmwTjdI

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