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Official Launch 9th July

We are excited to confirm that the project will launch officially at the C of E Synod, York, 9th July. If you have registered already you will receive a password that day to access the full version of the site.

If you haven't, don't miss out - complete the registration form at the bottom of this page today !

Time to Launch








Dave Lucas here.

Let me try and explain the objectives of this new daily online office.

There are several expressions of online church out there already, some with regard to physical or intellectual accessibility, others that are so specific to a particular disability that they are in danger of simply becoming a ghetto of that individuals disability.

What we are striving to envision is an online community that brings together a cross section of the whole church, not individual disabilities, not even all disabilities but everyone of all abilities.

What we have learned from our presence on Twitter is that so many people feel spiritually isolated, that even when you use such online services as there are, you have no sense of being part of a wider community. People are looking to get something of the feeling of belonging they would hope to receive if they were physically part of an active church community. To create such a community online is our dream.

What we are most definitely NOT trying to do is create an online community for disabled people only. It must become a space used by everyone if disabled people are to feel truly integrated in to something bigger.

In order to achieve this we have written what we hope are two simple yet hopefully inspiring liturgies, morning and night, they will be available here in clear print, audio and Makaton. Your participation will be logged and counted so that you will be able to see how many others have prayed that session alongside you.

Each session will have a short reflection and end with a blessing which may be text, audio or video which will be emailed to you. If you scroll to the bottom of this page you will get an idea of the kind of material we are planning. When we go live everything will be properly captioned of course.

The site is currently under construction and we expect to go live in the Summer of 2018 so please bookmark us and join our community by completing the web form below or sending us an email to be kept informed of progress. Be assured we will not share your information with anyone and the members section of the site will be completely secure.

Whilst we are under construction we welcome any comments regarding usability, just drop us an email.

Dave Lucas
Lent 2018

Please complete the form below to join our community.

Your privacy is assured and we will not pass on your data to anyone else. There are 2 ways to join our community.

We do appreciate you taking the time to complete the form below in full and knowing something of your story will be really helpful as our community develops and as we support each other in prayer. However if you prefer a simple, one click signup using only your name and email address then you can use that option on the right.

Optional but really helpful. Completely confidential this information is just to help us learn more about the diversity and rich experience of our community
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